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Plone Tutorials

A library of easy-to-use basic Plone functionality tutorials

This is the SSRI Web Group library of tutorials for basic Plone functions. This library will be helpful for anyone using Plone. We will add to this library with documentation from the SWG which are held multiple times each month. Contact Web Help for more information. Also see the Weblion wiki for a vast library of Plone help.


video icon = The tutorial is available in video format.


Tutorial Library

  1. Logging in to Plone
  2. Editing Your Plone Person Profile (aka, the FSD, Faculty Staff Directory)
  3. How to Duplicate Items in Plone video icon
  4. Clearing Your Cache, Dealing with "Stale" Content
  5. Best Practices for Managing Content Items in Plone
  6. Creating Forms
  7. How To Cut & Paste Text into Plone and Avoid Stylesheet Cacophony 
  8. Adding Links to Your Pages
  9. Adding Images to Different Content Types: video icon Part 1, Upload Image to Your Plone Site | video icon Add to Page (or event) | video icon Add to News
  10. Including Category Tags in Your Content Types:  video icon News
  11. Using the "My Folder" personal folder on
  12. No /view in URLs: Clean, User-friendly Links in Content Items   video icon
  13. Removing people from FSD




We are always looking for useful topics to cover in the SWGs. All topics that we cover in the SWG will be recorded so that you can use the Plone Tutorial Library to refer back to this instructional documentation at any time. Let us know what you'd like to discuss any time. Thanks.
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