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Using the PopNet from your Windows machine with Xming

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With Xming software you can login to our unix network and run graphical applications and access data in our archive.

From the PRI lab

Windows machines in 806 Oswald have Xming software installed. 

  1. From the Start menu select Programs-->Xming-->Xming.  You should see the xming icon at the bottom of your screen. 
  2. Refer to the list of machines and the statistical software they are running to determine which machine you want to login to.
  3. From the Start menu, select Programs-->SSH Secure Shell-->Secure Shell Client.  Be sure that you have enabled X11 forwarding.  To do that edit the profile and under Tunneling check the box Tunnel X11 Connections.
  4. Use the Quick Connect button to login to the unix machine of your choice using your PRI Popnet account id/pw


Running software applications

Once you have logged in, running graphical applications is just as easy as being on a unix machine. Just type your command and it should display.

Here are some launch commands for popular unix applications:

Command to launch
SAS (with graphical user interface)
Konqueror File Manager
R-project (shell)
R-project (console)
R --gui=Tk
Stata/se stata
Stata (intercooled)
OpenOffice ooffice
Pine Email


Accessing the data archive

To access the SAS datasets in the SodaPop archive:

cd /nfs/sodapop/sas_data

To access raw data:

cd /nfs/data/public

For file descriptions and documentation, see the SodaPop site.

Additional XMing help

Xming is free software, if you would like help acquiring/installing it on your personal machine, contact the PRI help team at

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