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SEM Modeling with OpenMX

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Learn about the OpenMx package for analyzing a variety of SEM models from Lawrence Lo,HHD Center for Research in Developmental Systems

The presentation covered the following topics
  1. confirmatory factor analysis models
  2. growth-curve model
  3. longitudinal path models


All materials from the presentation are available in this file including:

  • Slide presentation 
  • Presentation syntax
  • A couple simple supplementary programs that are demonstrated in the presentation syntax     
    • fscore: calculates factors from factor loading matrix and latent residual covariance matrix     
    • chidif: performs a likelihood ratio test with nested models
  • 5 data files that are used in the presentation
     * DA1: factor analysis data
     * DA2: growth curve data
     * DA3: latent vector autoregression data
     * DA4mz: genetic factor data for monozygotic (MZ) twins
     * DA4dz: genetic factor data for dizygotic (DZ) twins 

The OpenMx project is funded through the Interdisciplinary Program of the National Institutes of Health Roadmap initiative.

For a list of features, visit the OpenMX website

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