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Sea Monkey Composer

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A WYSIWYG html editor for editing static pages on the SSRI/PRI websites.

Files are stored on the unix network, but you can edit the files easily from our windows staff server -- Riga.

Initial Setup

  1. You will need a unix account and permission to write in the appropriate area. [You may want to create a symbolic link in your unix home directory to the webspace. Do not hesitate to ask us for assistance on this.]
  2. Login to the staff applications server using a Remote Desktop Connection.  [If you are unfamiliar with Remote Desktop, refer to instructions on the  Remote Desktop Connection Handout , substituting for  in that Remote Desktop Connection Handout.]
  3. The first time you login, you will want to map your unix home directory in order to access the webpage files on the unix  network from riga.

Editing Session

  1. You will need to use Sea Monkey software to edit the pages, launch it from the Start menu.  
  2. In the lower left-hand corner of the Sea Monkey browser window you will see a 'pen & paper' icon 
  3. Open Seamonkey Composer      
  4. Click the icon and a new Composer window will open. 
  5. Use File-->Open File... and navigate to the location of the webpage you want to edit in the drive that is mapped to your unix home directory.   (Do NOT use Open--> web location)
  6. When you are finished editing close Sea Monkey.
  7. Complete your session on by going to: Start>Log Off. Do NOT select disconnect and do NOT just click the X on the session window. Unless you Log Off, your session will remain active. 
Remote Desktop: Logging off
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